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The Shoot 'n Shower

Shoot N Shower
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Basketball is always fun, and one on one gets a new twist when the players face each other to compete. Throwing as many balls into their respective baskets as they can in a given time period, the crowd knows who is ahead every second, but the players don’t!! The scoreboard faces the crowd, who can watch it and shout, encourage and cheer, but in the end, it is the losing player who gets the surprise a quick splash of water to let them know that the other guy won!!

Family fun that is great for mom/daughter dad/son teams.., great for teenagers as well as younger children. The waterless option is available for the faint of heart or on days when water is not a plus. Get the crowd cheering, put teams together, count up individual or teams scores---the fun is endless as the basketballs make their marks.

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