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The Great Lakes Climbing Wall of Fame

New this year - the Speed Rock System!

All-Time Speed Champ  Barrett Campbell
All-Time Speed Champ Barrett Campbell

Beat the fastest times on our Speed Route and earn a spot in
the Great Lakes Wall of Fame! 

Great Lakes Wall of Fame

Speed Climb Top 10

Barrett Campbell 0:03.20
Dan Spears 0:03.40
Andy Skarda 0:05.30
Rob Petry 0:05.31
David Matacznski 0:05.48
Jenny Chomica 0:05.80
Joe Smith 0:06.25
Matt Natzke 0:06.28
Chuck Burling 0:06.30
Jason Lain 0:06.43

Expert Climb - rated 5.8

Andrew MacdonaldLiz Buttke - 12 years old
Dan Drewek - 11 years oldAdam Schuler
Niki ArnoldDoug Kippneck
Dan Masak - 14 years old (10.93 sec.)Bobby Massod - 14 years old
Aaron Stencil Jon Beran
Dan Drewek - 11 years old Kevin Koffler
Matt Natzke Darryl Ferkowski
Ernie Koeppel Tyler Beran
Andy Hartwig Meghan Pecaut
Jon Perron Kristina Young
Cezary Marciniak Mike Molter
Dustin Lucarelli Lee Leigh
Eric Gauthier Doug Foster
Dan Spears - 7.96 seconds

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