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The Jungle Jump


Company picnics, church and community parties, birthday and block parties, school events, children’s groups, grand openings, promotional events-the list is endless for the fun that is always to be had with a children’s bounce house. Our Jungle Jump is larger (15’xl 5’) to safely accommodate more children-even older children who never seem to get too old for a bit of bouncing fun! Nothing too “scary” here- with cute animal graphics and swaying palm trees, even the most timid little tyke will be enticed to give it a try-and come back for more!

A minimum level space is required-and not only does Great Lakes Climbing professionally take care of the set up and take down, we remain at the event and supervise to ensure a safe jumping experience for all children- regardless of size or energy level! Add fun and activity for ages 3 and up! Celebrate Special Days! Reward a Goal Achieved! Keep the little ones happy, and mom and dad will be happy too

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